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Horizontal is an organization that explores the conceptualization, implementation and disclosure of collaborative design tools as a tactic to achieve social justice. We develop strategies for spatial intervention where aspirations for every person can be recognized. Our actions promote the interconnection of local networks in rural and urban contexts as well.


We want to generate integral sceneries with greater social impact, to achieve this, horizontal produces five tools that consolidate the design process:

(i) participatory workshops:

The series of design and research participatory workshops we implement offer new ways of bringing together diverse groups of actors and stakeholders around a context, they aim to share knowledge, identify complex socio-technical problems and start designing from there. This instrument manages to find ways to discover and talk about situations and relevant elements such as wishes, needs, feelings and motivation of the actors involved, which can be valuable design tools but are usually difficult to explain.



(ii) actor maps:

The sustainability of a project requires a deep knowledge from a variety of perspectives working simultaneously. Our projects seek to generate maps of actors present in the context as: non-profit organizations, governments, academies, companies, technology and citizens in general, allowing the articulation with their knowledge, initiatives and economic resources. This participatory instrument recognizes the economic realities and social contexts and allows to propose a variety of complementary strategies such as progressive growth of infrastructure or public programs focused on achieving space activation and its appropriation.

(iii) living laboratories:

Depending on the scale and the actors involved in a context, living workshops are a qualitative research instrument that can vary. Through interactive objects or events that impact the urban scale or public space, the idea is to produce open environments for innovation, focused on the user, frequently produced to try a tactic intervention or generate dialogue and awareness about specific issues. The ultimate goal of this tool is to integrate horizontal exploration processes, that become spaces them self and can articulate actors through public-private partnerships.

(iv) objects:

We create artifacts and devices that can activate the architecture and turn it into a dynamic element in constant transformation.

(v) communication design:

Our proposal for the different projects of space intervention is to create a communication system that allows a stimulating and open approach towards any initiative, favoring the closeness of people with those projects, and more importantly, their direct interaction with them.

Who is our team?

we know that having an impact over social, economic and environmental problematics that affect our territories today makes it urgent to change the way in which professional functions are developed and executed, making space for transdisciplinary work teams that aim to build open teaching, learning and joint experimentation processes.


Giancarlo Mazzanti
Juliana Van Hemelryck
Laura Jaramillo
Sebastian Rivera
Stefany Cañón
Graphic Designer
Piedad Hoyos
Pierre Puentes
Program Developper
Ruben Gómez
Alba Quiceno
Juan Sebastián Quevedo
Nicolás Paris
Sara Vera
art direction and production
Luz Dary Hincapié
Pablo Londoño
Julián Bejarano
plastic and visual artist
Isabel Preciado
Dana Montenegro
Juan Pablo Muñoz
Graphic Designer
Guillermo Carone
Code maker & developer
Adeola Enigbokan
Urban Psicologist
Angela Parra
Urban Designer
Maria Victoria Londoño
Maria Semenenko
Maria Mazzanti
Architect and communication designer
Britt Van Sloun
visual concept-developer
Josephine Philipsen

Who does horizontal work with?

to have an integral approach towards a project it is fundamental to establish alliances with institutions and partners who have a management and impact capacity, with whom we can achieve to focus on resources and establish knowledge exchange dynamics in a specific context.