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Julián Bejarano

plastic and visual artist

is a plastic and visual artist graduated from the National University of Colombia. He has studied mechatronics, sculpture and ceramics at the ENPEG in Mexico. His professional performance has been focused on photographic practice, audiovisual production and multimedia installation, highlighting his career professional to have been the winner of the first place in photography contest “Cotidianidad y Vida de Barrio”, organized by the District Institute of the Arts in the city of Bogotá in the year 2017, in addition, having integrated the winning team of the scholarship awarded by The Ministry of Culture of Colombia to young circus creators in the role of scenographic creator through video mapping, in the pedagogical field has served as researcher and teacher in the project “Colombia a literary walk” supported by the library network “Iberbibliotecas “And the Ministry of Culture, has also been a trainer of audiovisual practices and n rural contexts and in the CLAN program of the city of Bogotá. It is characterized by being an organized person that fulfills the tasks proposed, with creative ideas and the ability to foster interest and teamwork in other people, with ease to solve problems quickly and with responsibility and honesty as values primordial, aware of the importance of teamwork and develop discursive abilities.