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Mati, Sofalia, Pristina and Arberia are the names of the four schools developed in the capital of Kosovo, our main interest was the configuration of modules that created flexible spaces.

Curtains were one of the elements proposed to modify the space, creating systems of rails in the roof that move depending on the needs of the users. They can convert an auditorium into a space that can be used by several groups at the same time or they can create small spaces where more intimate activities take place.

Through these patterns of shapes and colors appearing both inside and outside of the schools, we managed to make room for multiple activities within the space, not only those that are part of a formal curriculum, but covering extracurricular time and weekends as well, allowing the place to have a period of activity of full time. Intervening the spaces with graphics detonates new forms of use and dynamics of appropriation by the users of the center.

The geometry of the different modules and the disposition of the core spaces reveals the inside hidden geometries in every project, opening the possibility that different activities can happen simultaneously.

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