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Based on the results of participatory workshops that led us to think about a new urban concept for the city, we developed a report that proposes the elaboration of a public space and equipment project that promotes the social, economic and environmental transformation of the sector based on a long-term resilience strategy that can become a replicable model.

Floating equipment

This structure seeks to solve the deficit of public spaces that link urban areas with biodiversity to the community through flexible platforms that contain various activities that promote interaction among citizens and help reactivate, use and recognize the coastal front as a public space.


Traditional fishing market

This equipment seeks to take advantage of the presence of the community of artisanal fishermen from the Boca la Caja neighborhood and proposes a traditional market of seafood, in order to once again articulate the inhabitants of the area with the sea and create a new economic and social relationship that encourages inclusion and promotes the preservation of skills and local economies.


Programmatic elements that relate ecology and cultural aspects of the city. Connect the docks as extensions of public space that restore a relationship between citizens and the sea, integrate the docks as a projection of the ecological structures of the city, and activate them as a complex and diverse programmatic system.

Five strategies were formulated o generate  a resilient and inclusive development of Panama City in general and the Coastal Front in particular: (i) urban development, (ii) pedestrian connections, (iii) public space, (iv) the environment andsolutions to risk and (v) new and better equipment developed for specific uses of the communities.

In association with Montenegro Studio we developed a communication and dissemination system with the objective of generating appropriation by the citizens towards the maritime front of Panama City.

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