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This studio intended to identify existing synergies and approaches between art, architecture, design and social sciences as communication entities and their application in different problem-solving scenarios. To do this, the class was based on the creation of devices and workshops for the museum program. the exercises were based on 5 questions on common themes that are transversal to everyday life in the city and that involve learning to live in it:

How do we grow? How do we solve conflicts? How do we produce? How do we love? and How do we celebrate?

The devices were used in collaborative workshops with different communities in Queens.  One of the focal groups of work was Mujeres en movimiento (MEM) (Women in movement), a group of women from different backgrounds in Latin America who come together to create networks of knowledge and shared wisdom, especially linked by music and dance.

TRANSgrediendo is a social organization that promotes the development of the complete, cultural and social health of transgender people in the United States.

Adhikaar, whose name means «rights» in Nepalese, is an organization that works with Nepalese communities to promote human rights and social justice for all. It is a group that celebrates itself through the telling of collective stories and individual experiences as tactics to heal emotionally and build community.

NICE New Immigrant Community Empowerment is an organization that instructs day laborers (construction workers) and domestic workers to defend their rights, this group pays particular attention to recent immigrants without legal immigration status and who work in the informal sector limiting their access to labor elections.

Project Luz is a project conducted by the artist Sol Aramendi with the intention of being a nomadic space to share, learn and experience through photography and art as tools of empowerment for immigrant communities.

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