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The research was developed in three stages: the first, in New York, where some heterotopic action-space was identified to turn it into a design tool that would allow to create a learning mechanism about the city of Barranquilla. The second was a field research in Barranquilla with the objective of exposing the artifacts to collect information and create spaces for dialogue. The third and last one was based on generating a project structure that involved the heterotopy and the desires of the citizens.

Through 3 specific processes (search for materials, construction and use) designers created and implemented the toys that became communication tools to break the existing boundaries between the students, local people and the city.

Our tool was the building and the public condition of space, taking it as an opportunity for social inclusion, strengthening equity, economic competitiveness and cultural preservation. The projects of this study were committed and interwoven with the current realities of the city and with the macro projects that are being proposed by public and private actors in Barranquilla, in order to create new visions and models of integral intervention, based on the interaction of architecture, urban design and landscaping with economic development and its impact on the social and cultural behavior of the city.

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