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ASA Forum : International Session
Department of Architecture

Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd. is founded by Amata Luphaiboon and Twitee Vajrabhaya Teparkum in 2004. The firm is practicing architecture, interior design, landscape design, and other related design disciplines in a broad range of programmatic requirements and scales. It focuses on developing ideas in architecture, researches on social, cultural, and physical context, as well as takes on an exploration for alternative material utilization.

Amata Luphaiboon received a Bachelor of Architecture with first-class honors and a Gold Medal from Chulalongkorn University. He pursued advanced studies abroad and received two Master’s degrees from the University of Washington and Harvard University. After graduation, he joined Metric Co., Ltd. and work as a chief architect for several years. In 2004 Amata together with Twitee founded their firm ‘Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd.’ Amata is currently a principal of the firm.

Twitee Vajrabhaya Teparkum received a Bachelor of Architecture summa cum laude from Virginia Tech and earned a Master of Architecture from Princeton University. She has been working in Chicago and New York for some time before coming back to Thailand to join Metric Co., Ltd. She together with Amata founded their firm ‘Department of ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd.’ Twitee is currently a principal of the firm.


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