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Timber Skyscrapers: The future of our green, sustainable, low carbon, smart cities?

Michael Green is Vancouver-based wood architect with his own architecture and interior design studio. He created a tall wooden tower for Vancouver along with an instruction manual for building wooden skyscrapers.

In this TED talk, Michael discusses the benefits of building high rise wooden buildings in our cities.

These buildings are truly sustainable using renewable timber to build amazing sustainable designs.

Sustainable architecture is the key to building our next generation of sustainable cities, sustainable buildings, green city, green buildings, through the use of a renewable building material like timber.

He discussed the design issues and challenges in using timber include structural performance, fire rating, earthquake resistance.

The video then provides an overview of example high rise timber buildings including the its benefits in sustainable architecture the future of our low carbon, sustainable cities.

With the recent announcements by China and the United States for deep cuts in carbon emissions – is timber one of the solutions for achieving deep carbon reductions.


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